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A Good Quote is a medium to express emotions in true sense therefore everyone can find something according to their personality. Expression of emotion varies person to person. Some people find it hard to convey their feelings while others share their feelings without any difficulty. A Good Quote will help viewers to choose right words for their expression of love. If you are still single but there are other relationships in your life to connect to then our website will help to make that connection stronger. You will find pearls of words, impressive array of love quotations and inspirational thoughts on A Good Quote. On our website, you can visit various categories that suit your taste of music, literature, personal status, poetry or relationships.

A Good Quote intents to spread smile on your face through a selection of love quotations, inspiring words, famous and unique literature pieces and blogs. Words have power to inspire people and move hearts. We believe that by clicking through many categories on our website you will find profound thoughts on love that will lighten up your mood and engraved in your memory forever. Our admin is open to suggestions, comments and your feedback. Your recommendation to our website is valuable for us.


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